HT Lysing Homogenizer


High Throughput Sample Pre-Prep for Isolation of Protein, DNA, RNA, Viruses and More

Homogenize and Lyse the Most Difficult Samples Easily and Efficiently

  • High Throughput Processing
  • Excellent Reproducibility
  • Effective Grinding and Pulverization
  • High Speed Linear Motion
  • Eliminates Cross Contamination
  • Rapid Sample Processing
  • Manufactured in USA
  • Call us at 1.800.352.7705 for more details

  • The HT Lysing Homogenizer is a homogenizer specifically designed for high throughput sample processing in a microplate or sample tube format. Animal tissue, seeds, tubers, leaf punches, soil and sediment samples, insects, and microbial cultures can all be effectively homogenized in a 96-well or sample tube format. The high speed linear motion of the homogenizer allows for rapid sample processing; in most cases two (2) minutes or less. Samples are placed in a tube, vial or well with grinding media and extraction buffer (seeds can be ground dry), sealed with a cap or press-on mat, placed in the HT Lysing Homogenizer, and processed. Homogenized samples can be subsequently handled manually or in automated systems making use of the standard plate format. The HT Lysing Homogenizer is suitable for the isolation of protein, DNA, RNA, viruses, and any other biological components released during homogenization. The unit is also useful for pulverizing dry samples for chemical analysis and solubility studies. Call your Troemner rep to discuss specs and pricing at 1.800.352.7705 or

    • HT Lysing Homgenizer

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