25 mm Tube Rack (White)

PART # 945076OH Type Test Tube Rack Material Foam
Origin Manufactured in the USA
  • Easily customizable. The Heavy-Duty Vortex holder accommodates foam racks for 0.5 ml to 50 ml tubes. For microplate applications select from four configurations to hold up to eight microplates.
  • Double the capacity of your Microplate Vortex Mixer with the two-plate holder accessory. The interlocking design secures the holder in place.
  • For high-throughput applications choose from six Multi-Tube Vortexer Foam Racks. Ideal for tubes ranging from 10 to 29 mm diameter. Post-extension kit adds 15 cm to accommodate tubes up to 25 cm tall.

OHAUS offers a large selection of accessories that can be used on all of our Vortex Mixers. Easily increase throughput by mixing multiple samples at one time. Effortlessly mix up to 52 microtubes or eight microplates. Choose the holder for your sample size or select the flat insert and cut out to suit your custom specifications.