500 g 9-1/4" Class 7 Cast Iron Weight Hanger

PART # 9678-7 Weight Size 500 g Detailed Style Description Weight Hanger
Class Class 7 Tolerance 70 mg Click here to view the Tolerance Chart. Certificate No Certificate
Material Hanger stem is 303 Stainless Steel. Hanger base is Cast Iron. Density 7.2 g/cm3 at 20°C Construction Two-piece
Dimensions (Weight Only) 3.75 x 0.44" Hook Capacity 50 kg Hanger Length 9.25 in
Hook Diameter 0.25 Case Weight is not supplied in case. Protective case is available at an additional cost. Origin Manufactured in the USA
Class 7
For rough weighing operations in physical and chemical laboratories, such as force measuring apparatus.
No Certificate
No Certificate
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