Altria Client Services and Troemner, LLC Service Program

Customer Support Contact Information
Donna Lodek • Phone: 856.686.4209 • Cell: 215.715.9405 • Email:
Steve Armstrong • Phone: 856.686.4214 • Email:

Altria Client Services/Troemner Calibration Services

  • Weights
  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Pressure Drop/Ventilation Standards
  • Paper Permeability

Troemner Service Process

  • Calibration Services performed at Troemner, Thorofare, NJ.
  • Devices shipped with customized Altria/Troemner Order Form.
  • Individual department Purchase Orders presently used for service. Please include PO number on paperwork for service.

Troemner Service Program

  • Customized Device Technical Specifications
  • Customer contacted upon receipt of devices to service by Troemner
  • Device failures or OTT conditions; Troemner notification

Service Order Forms and Reference Information