Fixed Position, Medium 3-Prong Dual Adjust Nickel-Plated Zinc Clamp

PART # 916069 Material Nickel-plated zinc construction Size Medium
Prong Adjustment 3-Prong Dual Adjust Min to Max Grip Size 0 to 69mm
(0 to 2.72")
Maximum Grip Size 69mm (2.72")
Prong Width 20mm (0.79") Overall Length 146mm (5.75") Origin Manufactured in the USA
Used to hold apparatus near the lab-frame where no adjustment is required after set-up. Built-in holder grips rods up to 19mm (0.75") in diameter. Fixed-position clamps have an integral holder but can be rotated after attachment to a lab-frame or other apparatus. Available in 2 prong or 3 prong. Stainless steel electro-polished finish or nickel-plated zinc construction. Supplied with non-slip vinyl sleeves, and for temperatures above 100°C, fiberglass covers.
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