Heavy-Duty Lab-Frame, 75 x 72", Aluminum

PART # 916178 Material Aluminum rods with nickel-plated zinc connectors and lab-frame feet Frame Dimensions 48 x 72"
(1219 x 1829mm)
Overall Footprint 75"H (1905mm) x 72"W (1829mm) Component 1 (5) 48" (1219mm) rods Component 2 (3) 72" (1829mm) rods
Component 3 (15) S-Connectors Component 4 (16) Channel Connectors Component 5 (24) clamping nuts
Component 6 (2) 21.7" (551mm) cast iron feet Component 7 (1) frame kit Component 8 (1) wrench
Origin Manufactured in the USA
Floor mounted, free-standing unit is specifically designed for heavy-duty work such as pilot plant set-ups. Outside frame is constructed of a strong, yet light weight steel channel. Interior lattice uses horizontal channel connector; one end accommodates the rod, the other end fits into the channel and locks tightly with a bolt. Loosen the bolt, and the connector slides easily along the channel track for simple lattice adjustment. Entire apparatus is supported on sturdy, counter-weighted cast iron feet, which may be bolted to the floor for added stability required in top-heavy installations.
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