Lab Equipment

Talboys Laboratory Equipment - complete line of high quality laboratory equipment products | Shakers, Hotplate, Stirrers, Hotplate-Stirrers, Dry Block Heaters, Specialty Stirrers, Overhead Mixers, Homogenizers, Clamps, Boiling Granules
  1. Shakers
    Shakers have microprocessor controls with capacities from microplate to 150lbs. A large selection of accessories is available.
  2. Dry Block Heaters
    Dry Block Heaters
    Available in 1 or 2 block configurations. Also available with analog or digital controls as well as a heated lid model. A wide variety of separate interchangeable modular blocks are available.
  3. Vortex Mixers
    Vortex Mixers
    Continuous or intermittent duty models available. Models include fixed speed, analog, digital, pulsing, heavy-duty, microplate and multi-tube. Large selection of accessories.
  4. Hotplate Stirrers
    Hotplate Stirrers
    Available in 4.5" & 5.3" diameters and 4 x 4", 7 x 7" & 10 x 10" square top plate sizes. Ceramic, aluminum or stainless steel top plate surfaces. Analog and digital models available. Fully digital models include RTD temperature probe and support rod kit.
  5. Overhead Mixers
    Overhead Mixers
    Various models include light duty, medium duty, heavy-duty and high speed mixers. Full line of accessories and supports are available.
  6. Homogenizers
    Specialty Cryogenic or High Throughput Homogenizers allow for increased sample throughput and minimized or reduced chance for cross contamination of samples.
  7. Clamps
    Comprehensive clamp line includes multi-purpose and specialty clamps as well as ultra flex support systems, connectors and holders, supports, lab-frames, lab-lifts, and flow control devices.
  8. Inoculating Turntables
    Inoculating Turntables
    Turntables produce almost concentric circles of bacterial colonies that are evenly distributed across petri dishes.
  9. Slide Staining Rack
    Slide Staining Rack
    Stainless steel construction and corrosion resistant under normal conditions.
  10. Airejector
    Rapid removal evacuates 1 liter of air to 711mm (28") of vacuum in 30 seconds. Works with compressed air sources to 60 psi.