Small 3-Prong Single Adjust Nickel-Plated Zinc Clamp

PART # 916057 Material Nickel-plated zinc construction Size Small
Prong Adjustment 3-Prong Single Adjust Min to Max Grip Size 0 to 39mm
(0 to 1.54")
Maximum Grip Size 39mm (1.54")
Prong Width 11mm (0.43") Arm Length 102mm (4") Arm Diameter 8mm (0.32")
Overall Length 160mm (6.3") Origin Manufactured in the USA Price 46.69
  • Large grip adjustment range
  • 3-prong construction
  • Single or dual adjust
  • Nickel-plated zinc

Designed to securely hold every type of laboratory glassware and apparatus. Long, seamless nickel-plated brass tubing attaches clamp head securely and offers easy positioning in the deepest fume hoods. Clamps are constructed with round extension arms, which allow the clamps to be rotated 360°. Extension arms also allow placement of apparatus at various distances from lab-frames without compromising the integrity of your experiment. Supplied with non-slip vinyl sleeves, and for temperatures above 100°C, fiberglass covers.

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