Thermal Mass Flow
Type of Device * Do you require next calibration due date on certificate? Please list additional requirements or comments regarding this calibration Upload file(s) to assist us with your request. Yes No If yes, please list required interval: General Information
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Level of Service * (NVLAP acredited for N2, Air) Level 1 - Troemner’s most comprehensive NIST traceable calibration service. Convenient single fee covers calibration, labor and all necessary replaceable parts (circuit boards and sensors are additional for some models). Utilizes a 7 point “As Found” and a 7 point “As Left” measurement structure.
NOTE: For Level 1 Service, replacements of all Buna and Viton seals, seats and O-rings are included when required. For Kal-Rez and Teflon, additional charges apply – please call for details.
Level 2 - NIST traceable calibration that includes 7 point “As Found” and 7 point “As Left” data. Adjustments are included. Parts are available at additional cost. Level 3 - Designed for companies that require third party verification and NIST traceability. The “As Found” data is collected utilizing a 7 point test. Parts and adjustments are not included. 48 Hour Turnaround Time 1 Week Turnaround Time Flow rate below 10 sccm Cleaning for Oxygen Service Manufacturer * Please list the following information for your device *
Inlet Pressure * Model * Outlet Pressure * Serial Number * Input Signal * Process Gas * Output Signal * Flow Rate * Valve Seal Material Reference Temperature * O-ring Material Please select the correct mounting position of your device*
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