Weight Calibration

At Troemner we address every variable of our measurement process to ensure consistency of calibration, which leads to accurate results in your processes, products and services. Fill out the form below with your Weight and General Contact information to receive a quote within 24 hours.

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Weight Calibration Order Forms

An online order form is available at the bottom of the page. Below is a PDF of the Weight Calibration Order Forms for reference.

Weight Calibration Order Form

Calibration Certificates

Troemner offers various certificates of calibration to meet all of your requirements. Click below to view sample certificates.
NVLAP Accredited Mass Code Report of Mass Values
NVLAP Accredited Primary Reference Certificate
NVLAP Accredited Certificate
NVLAP Accredited Density Determination Calibration
NVLAP Accredited Magnetic Susceptibility Determination Calibration
UKAS Accredited Certificate
Traceable Certificate


ISO/IEC 17025, NVLAP Accredited. NVLAP Laboratory Code 105013-0. Click here for Troemner's NVLAP Accredited Certificate

Laboratory Scope

From 1 mg through 1000 kg (0.00035 oz to 3000 lb) with capabilities from 0.050mg through 5000 lb. Click here for Troemner's NVLAP Scope of Accreditation

Service Levels:

  • NVLAP+ and UKAS++ Accredited Certificates of Calibration.
  • NVLAP+ Accredited Density Determination Calibrations.
  • NVLAP+ Accredited Magnetic Susceptibility Determination Calibrations.
  • UKAS++ Accredited Certificates of Calibration
  • NIST Traceable (uncertainties not reported)

Weights Serviced

Analytical Precision Weights, OIML Precision Weights, Electronic Balance Weights, Cast Iron Weights, Brass Weights, Stainless Steel Weights, Heavy Capacity Weights, and Stainless Steel Weight Carts. Click for a list of Calibration Devices by Service.

Fast Turnaround Time

6 business days.

Laboratory Personnel

Metrology staff and technicians are trained by the National Institute of Standards & Technology.

Laboratory Processes

Receive weight at Troemner’s facility, visually inspect weight, collect as-found calibration measurement data, adjust or repair weight if required, collect as-left calibration measurement data, calibration certificate is reviewed by an approved signatory, weight is packaged and returned to customer.

Need a Repair?

If your weights are found to be out of tolerance, Troemner will make the proper adjustments to bring them back into tolerance.

+ NVLAP Laboratory Code 105013-0
++ A UKAS Accredited Laboratory No. 0516

Weight Calibration Quote Form

Fill out the form below with your Weight and General Contact information to receive a quote within 24 hours.
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