Don’t Risk It! Know Your Uncertainty

During calibration, the performance of an instrument is assessed and its limitations originating from errors and uncertainties are made evident; this is the essential foundation for achieving accurate measurement results. Troemner’s uncertainties are unmatched - second only to NIST, so when you are looking for a calibration provider, be sure to check their reported uncertainties for the mass you are looking to have calibrated.

The uncertainty reported on a calibration is just as important as the measured value itself. The uncertainty provides the statistical confidence that a laboratory has on its calibration process. The larger the uncertainty, the less confidence in the measured value. It is also important to realize that a measured value added to its associated uncertainty must be less than the tolerance for the weight to be considered within class tolerance.

Troemner’s laboratories provide customers with all the data and traceability information they need for their calibration items. The Calibration Laboratories’ physical environment and state-of-the-art equipment enable Troemner to produce measurements with very small uncertainties for its customers. Troemner is the world's largest independent mass calibration company. Our philosophy is to provide the highest level of calibration quality by pursuing every measurement detail in order to achieve the most accurate and repeatable calibrations in the industry. We produce a precise measurement starting with a stable and tightly controlled environment, followed by using the finest equipment available, with highly trained personnel executing proven procedures. Our goal is to provide our customers with the lowest measurement uncertainties achievable.

Troemner’s procedures utilize multiple standards during a calibration to assure the accuracy of the process and to validate the standards. If a measurement does not pass statistical tests calculated during each calibration, then the measurements are repeated and an investigation is initiated to find the root cause of the failure.

World-class metrology facilities and state-of-the-art calibration equipment are only as good as the people who manage the measurement process. Troemner has an excellent staff of certified metrologists and NIST trained calibrators who adhere to strictly established metrology practices in order to provide low statistical uncertainties, second only to NIST. Our weighing instruments and mass standards are continually maintained according to ISO/IEC 17025 guidelines.

Troemner’s Uncertainties are Unmatched! Take a look now!


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