Overall Green Initiatives

Our Overall Green Initiatives

Sustainable Business Practices - Sustainability at Troemner for a balanced future.

Troemner Goes Green Technical Paper

Troemner's Environmental Policy

Troemner is committed to creating long-term business and stakeholder value while reducing its environmental impacts.

  • Troemner is committed to measurable, continual environmental improvements, and the prevention of pollution
  • Troemner is committed to ensuring the company’s operations comply with all applicable environmental legal and other requirements which relate to the environmental aspects
  • Troemner has procedures in place to set and review the environmental objectives and targets
  • Troemner's Environmental Policy is available to the public through the company website and is communicated to all employees and persons working on behalf of the company
  • Troemner will make every reasonable effort to choose environmentally preferred products, services, and processes throughout its operations
Employees are required to adhere to these policies at Troemner. The establishment of the Environmental Management System will help the company reduce costs, improve performance, and protect the environment.

  • REDUCE to improve resource productivity
  • RECYCLE to minimize waste and uncover new value
  • RETHINK to enhance sustainability at Troemner

Our Operations

Our Operations

Developing Sustainable Processes

Management systems dedicated to efficiency, safety and stewardship of workplace, community, and environment. Systems include: ISO 9001, ISO 13485. All of our products are Made in the USA.

Driving sustainability internally through Green Team, Green practices charter/Tipping the Scale Toward Sustainability Pledge, Idea box, Carpool, EHS/safety team aspect, Sustainability goals.

Engaging the community through EPA WasteWise NJ Chapter, Industry forum event, Greater Philadelphia Green Business Program, Volunteer work/philanthropy.

Using Resources Wisely

Energy efficiency through T8 lights with dimming in office, T5 lights, Sensors, EE policies: EE equipment purchasing, EE equipment settings

Chemicals: Move off to TCE by end of year, Lead replacement plan.

Water: Sensors in bathrooms, Gray water for landscaping

Materials: Green purchasing program, Material reduction programs: office paper use reduction, warehouse paper use reduction, assembly process reduction.

Recycling: Cardboard program, Metal program, Reusable totes, Oil and chemical disposal, Pallet program.

Renewable energy-reducing our carbon footprint

Solar: Renewable energy credits (REC's)

Our Operations

Our Products and Services

Making products green across the entire life cycle.

Design Focus

Energy efficient

  • High efficiency products
  • Low energy manufacturing processes


  • Reduced volume and material use
  • Environmentally preferred materials

End of life/repairability

  • Warranty
  • Repairs
  • Take back program

Green Packing Guidelines

Troemner's management systems are dedicated to efficiency, safety and stewardship of workplace, community, and environment. To reduce our landfill waste and reduce our environmental impact, we recommend our customers pack their products that ship to Troemner in recyclable packaging including: bubble wrap, plastic air bags, paper, cardboard, or customer cases that can be reused.

Please avoid packing your items with foam, packing peanuts or other material, which cannot be recycled.