Zero Tolerance Policy

Send in your weights to Troemner for recalibration and if a calibration weight is found to be out of tolerance, the weight will be replaced for FREE!*

  • Now you won't have to guess what the final cost of your recalibration will be
  • Now you won't have to worry about additional costs for replacing out of tolerance weights
  • Since we've streamlined the process you will get your weights back faster
  • And best of all, we will provide you the highest quality calibration with the lowest measurement uncertainties in the world
  1. Call +1-800-352-7775 to get a quote
  2. Fill out your Weight Calibration Order Form and include a copy with your weights
  3. Ship your weights to Troemner

We will take care of the rest!

Why should you trust Troemner?
For over 170 years, Troemner has set the standard for precision weights and weight calibration through its commitment to achieving the highest measurement capability and offering the lowest measurement uncertainties possible. Today Troemner leverages its expertise and commitment to offer Calibration Services that all of your measurement and compliance needs.

You can count on Troemner for

We address every variable of our measurement process to assure consistence of calibration results, which leads to accurate results in your processes, products and services. Troemner demonstrates confidence through:

  • Strict Environmental Controls
  • Finest Equipment
  • Highly Skilled Metrologists and Technicians
  • Measurement System
  • Confidence

Troemner ensures its consistency through:

  • Proprietary Calibration Software
  • Documented Procedures
  • Registration and Accreditation

Customized Calibration
Troemner can tailor a calibration or certificate to meet your specific needs

  • We offer several levels of service and certificates for each calibration
  • We can add needed information to your certificates and compliance documents
  • Adjustment, repair and calibration all from one source

Additional Details:

  • Weights 5kg and below will be replaced at no charge, excluding Class 000, 00, 0, E0, E1 and E2
  • If a one-piece weight, excluding Class 000, 00, 0, E0, E1 and E2, is found to be out of tolerance the customer will be given the option to replace the weight with a two-piece weight at no charge.

* Restrictions may apply. Class 000, 00, 0, E0, E1 and E2 weights are not included.
Troemner reserves the right to make the final decision on signs of excessive wear or damage that would exclude weights from this free replacement program. Contact Troemner with any questions on these restrictions.