ISO/IEC 17025 Accredited Calibration Services

Troemner's ISO/IEC 17025 Accredited Calibration Services

Troemner’s ISO/IEC 17025 Accredited by NVLAP* Calibration Services include pipette, temperature, pressure, and related services.

Troemner has been providing the highest level of quality instrumentation services for over 175 years. We possess the technical expertise and quality customer service that is essential to implementing a successful calibration and Metrology service. We are committed to reducing costs, increasing efficiencies and improving quality in support of our customers.

With NIST Certified metrologists and highly trained technicians on staff, Troemner is capable of providing unmatched measurements and metrological analysis. Troemner has a strong commitment to Continuous Quality Improvement; Troemner’s staff includes 3 Lean/Six Sigma Black Belts and 12 Lean/Six Sigma Green Belts. Troemner’s expertise is built around:
  • World Class Laboratories – specifically constructed to create an environment of stable temperature and humidity, low vibrations, and low air velocity.
  • People, Experience and Expertise – lead by NIST certified metrology specialists.
  • State-of-the-Art equipment – proprietary software and our “Robot Row” process more than 4,000 precision measurements each day.
  • Low Reported Uncertainty – with uncertainties matching most National Laboratories.

Over the years Troemner has enhanced its reputation as being the premier company in the metrology industry with ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation through the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) administered National Voluntary Accreditation Program (NVLAP Laboratory Code 105013-0).

Troemner’s metrology and calibration services are respected world-wide. We are committed to achieving the highest levels of accreditation for all of our calibration services which includes mass, mass magnetic susceptibility, mass density determination, pipettes, temperature, humidity, pressure, thermal mass flow, electrical, dimensional, and time & frequency. Troemner is also a pioneer and leader in calibration robotics and calibration software integration.

Troemner meets and exceeds most customer requirements:
  • Accredited Calibrations – ISO/IEC 17025:2005 accredited (NVLAP Laboratory Code 105013-0)
  • Adjustments – as needed to bring the equipment to specifications.
  • Repair Services – with quote provided for approval before any repairs are initiated.
  • Process Improvement and Lean/Six Sigma Expertise – to assist in creative ways to lower total cost and/or failure rates.
  • Experienced and Trained Staff – with unique skills, training, and an average tenure of over ten years.
  • Comprehensive Services – includes a full range of calibration services providing a single-source calibration solution.
  • Competitive Prices and Outstanding Value Added Service – includes specialized pricing and discounted services.
The following list some of the key performance attributes that set us apart.
  • Accreditation – ISO/IEC 17025, NVLAP Accredited
  • Broad Scope of Services – covering 9 key disciplines
  • Accuracy – with measurements performed in lab facilities with uncertainties that rival many national laboratories.
  • Highly Skilled Experienced Staff – 5 NIST Trained Metrologists and rigorous staff training programs.
  • Stable Employees – average tenure of 10 years.
  • Fast Turnaround – with a range of lab-based services coupled with pickup and delivery options.

Skill in metrology and precision measurement is the foundation upon which Troemner is built. Our standards are continually maintained according to NIST procedures and ISO/IEC 17025 guidelines. The combination of a highly trained staff, controlled physical conditions, and precise equipment enables Troemner’s Calibration Laboratories to produce measurements with very small uncertainties.

Look no further than Troemner for a company that delivers services with highly qualified technicians and unmatched levels of customer service.

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Facts including accreditation, laboratory scope and devices serviced.

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Reference Library

Reference MaterialsReference Materials

  • Reference Materialstechnicalpapers

    Tolerance Chart

    Troemner's Tolerance Charts (Maximum Permissible Error) as determined by denomination and class.

    PDF - 455KB

  • Reference Materialstechnicalpapers

    Uncertainty Chart

    Uncertainties for NVLAP Accredited Calibrations as determined by denomination and class.

    PDF - 160KB

  • Reference Materialstechnicalpapers

    Certificate Options

    Certificates are designed to provide a range of choices in measurement precision, quality of data, and standards compliance.

    PDF - 85KB

  • Reference Materialstechnicalpapers

    Calibration Laboratories

    Our Calibration System: our philosophy, facilities, personnel, equipment and standards.

    PDF - 304KB

  • Reference Materialstechnicalpapers

    Selecting Weight Classes

    In order to select the appropriate weight for your laboratory, you must first determine exactly how you intend to use the weight.

    PDF - 151KB

  • Reference Materialstechnicalpapers

    Weight Specifications

    Weights are manufactured to meet or exceed the highest tolerance standards for ANSI/ASTM, OIML and NIST.

    PDF - 60KB

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Technical Papers Technical Papers

  • Technical Paperstechnicalpapers

    Cal-Paks & USP 41

    Troemner Cal-Paks™ are the ideal weight sets to meet the required revisions to USP 41.

    PDF - 2.8MB

  • Technical Paperstechnicalpapers

    Magnetic Susceptibility

    This report is a comparison of susceptibility results by three different laboratories.

    PDF - 2.8MB

  • Technical Paperstechnicalpapers

    Advantages of Alloy 8

    Troemner’s Alloy 8 Stainless Steel has extremely low magnetic properties and a more consistent density.

    PDF - 4.2MB

  • Technical Paperstechnicalpapers

    Calibration Intervals

    Determining the calibration interval requires examination of the weight over time and its processes.

    PDF - 3.5MB

  • Technical Paperstechnicalpapers

    Mass Magnetic Properties

    Using a susceptometer to determine the magnetic properties of a 1 kg mass standard.

    PDF - 2.5MB

  • Technical Paperstechnicalpapers

    Alloy 8 Material

    How to distinguish Alloy 8 Stainless Steel precision weight material.

    PDF - 2.2MB

  • Technical Paperstechnicalpapers


    Troemner’s Cal-Paks™ consist of high quality precision mass standards with low measurement uncertainties.

    PDF - 2.6MB

  • Technical Paperstechnicalpapers

    NIST Handbook 105-1

    Specifications and tolerances for reference standards and field standard weights and measures

    PDF - 277KB

  • Technical Paperstechnicalpapers

    Pipette Certainty

    Gravimetric & Spectrophotometric errors impact on pipette calibration certainty

    PDF - 3.3MB

  • Technical Paperstechnicalpapers

    Proper Pipetting Techniques

    Optimize pipette performance and increase reproducibility of your results

    PDF - 354KB

  • Technical Paperstechnicalpapers


    The development of a primary laboratory for the calibration of Standard PRT's.

    PDF - 2.7MB

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  • Literaturetechnicalpapers

    WC+A Catalog

    WC+A Weight Case and Accessory Catalog includes weight cases, custom carts, and weight accessories.

    PDF - 3.2MB

  • Literaturetechnicalpapers

    Weights & Accessories Catalog

    Comprehensive Weight Catalog includes our complete line of weight styles, cases and accessories.

    PDF - 3.9MB

  • Literaturetechnicalpapers

    Calibration Services Guide

    Complete Calibration Service information including laboratory scope, devices serviced, personnel and processes.

    PDF - 1MB

  • Literaturetechnicalpapers

    Weight Guide

    The Weight Guide offers an overview of our weight product offering. Also included are certificate options and descriptions.

    PDF - 2.2MB

  • Literaturetechnicalpapers

    Cal-Pak Sell Sheet

    Essential information about Troemner Cal-Paks™, accessories, and traceability.

    PDF - 1MB

  • Literaturetechnicalpapers

    Pipette Standards Handbook

    A helpful and practical aid for anyone who uses pipettes consistently in their work. This publication discusses techniques, operation and calibration of pipettes.

    PDF - 2MB

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