Pipette Calibration

ISO/IEC 17025, NVLAP* Accredited. NVLAP accredited from 0.1μl through 50ml with capabilities up to 100ml.
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ISO/IEC 17025 Accredited Pipette Calibration Services

Troemner's Pipette Calibrations are performed by highly skilled pipette technicians in a stringently controlled environment, using high precision balances.

Troemner was the first company in the United States accredited by NIST/NVLAP to ISO/IEC 17025 for Pipette Calibration Services. The combination of a highly trained staff, controlled physical conditions, and precise equipment enables Troemner’s Calibration Laboratories to produce measurements with very small uncertainties. Troemner offers technical competence; we have low measurement uncertainties, true preventative maintenance, and we’re focused on service. Troemner is always evaluating the latest calibration technology. We offer significant cost savings; fewer “as found” failures, fewer impact studies, precise and accurate dispensing of expensive reagents, and compliance and traceability.

Accreditation ISO/IEC 17025, Accredited by NVLAP*
NVLAP Accredited Pipette Certificate of Calibration

Laboratory Scope NVLAP accredited from 0.1 μl through 50 ml with capabilities up to 100 ml

Devices Serviced
  • Single channel pipettes
  • Multi-channel pipettes
  • Fixed volume pipettes
  • Repeaters
  • Burettes
Service Levels
  • 10-10-10 as-found, as-left for single and multi-channel pipettes
  • 4-4-4 as-found, 10-10-10 as-left for single and multi-channel pipettes
  • 4-4-4 as-found, as-left for single and multi-channel pipettes
  • 4-4 as-found, as-left for single and multi-channel pipettes and bottle dispensers/burettes
  • 4-4-4 as-found only for single and multi-channel pipettes
  • Replacement of seals and O-rings
Troemner calibrated pipettes assist in adherence to standards and guidelines from:
  • CLIA:The Clinical Laboratories Improvement Amendments
  • CLSI:(formerly NCCLS, The National Committee for Clinical Laboratory Standards)
  • CAP:The College of American Pathologists
  • European Parliament directive on in vitro diagnostic products

Troemner is proud of its stringent quality standards and reputation for excellence. All of our calibration services are backed by a team of NIST trained metrology experts, calibration specialists and a skilled customer service team whose sole goal is to deliver the most consistent and trustworthy Pipette Calibrations available.

* NVLAP Lab Code 105013-0

Pipetting Guide

Learn about our recommended pipette techniques to ensure accurate measurements.

Proper Pipetting Techniques
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