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Pipette Calibration Lab

Troemner provides NIST traceable, NVLAP*, ISO/IEC 17025 accredited Pipette Calibration Services using gravimetric methods for testing of pipettes and volumetric dispensing devices in single and multi-channel configurations.

Industry Leading Services Designed to Meet Your Compliance and Quality Requirements.

Troemner was the first company in the United States accredited by NIST/NVLAP* to ISO/IEC 17025 for Pipette Calibration Services.

Troemner's Pipette Calibrations are performed by highly skilled pipette technicians in a stringently controlled environment, using high precision balances. All of our Pipette Calibration Services are performed in compliance with the following standards and guidelines:

  • - ISO 8655
  • - ASTM E1154-14
  • - GLP Standards
  • - European Parliament directive on in vitro diagnostic products
  • - NIST/NVLAP* Handbook 150
  • - CLSI: (formerly NCCLS, The National Committee for Clinical Laboratory Standards)
  • - CAP: The College of American Pathologists
  • - CLIA: The Clinical Laboratories Improvement Amendments

Our Pipette Calibration Laboratory has a Comprehensive Scope of Services with Service Levels to Meet Every Need

Accredited to ISO/IEC 17025 by NVLAP* from 0.1µl through 50ml with capabilities up to 100ml. Click here for Troemner's NVLAP* Scope of Accreditation.

Troemner provides Pipette Calibration Services for single channel pipettes, multi-channel pipettes, fixed volume pipettes, repeaters, and burettes at the following service options:

  • - 10-10-10 as-found and as-left for single and multi-channel pipettes
  • - 4-4-4 as-found and 10-10-10 as-left for single and multi-channel pipettes
  • - 4-4-4 as-found and as-left for single and multi-channel pipettes
  • - 4-4 as-found and as-left for single and multi-channel pipettes
  • - 4-4-4 as-found only for single and multi-channel pipettes
  • - 4-4 as-found only for bottle dispensers/burettes
  • - Replacement of seals and O-rings

All Services include:

  • - Leak check
  • - As-found and as-left data
  • - Calibration adjustments
  • - O-rings and seals inspection
  • - Repair service is available on most types and brands

Pipette Devices Calibrated and Serviced

Troemner provides calibrations on ALL major brands and types of pipette such as:

  • - Eppendorf
  • - Hamilton
  • - Gilson Scientific
  • - Biohit/Sartorius
  • - Brinkman
  • - Thermo Scientific
  • - Rainin
  • - VWR Scientific

Why Choose Troemner for Your Pipette Calibration Service Needs?

At Troemner, our commitment to quality is second to none. We address every variable of our measurement process to ensure consistency of calibration, which leads to accurate results in your processes, products and services.

Troemner is proud of its stringent quality standards and reputation for excellence. All of our calibration services are backed by a team of NIST trained metrology experts, calibration specialists and a skilled customer service team whose sole goal is to deliver the most consistent and trustworthy Pipette Calibrations available.

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* NVLAP Lab Code 105013-0

Pipette Calibration Order Forms

Below is a PDF of the Pipette Calibration Order Form for reference.

Pipette Calibration Order Form